Meet The Vendors: We Are The Mitchells

We recently worked with a husband and wife photography/cinema team and let me tell you, they were nothing short of amazing! Aside from the fact that these two look like models and are the sweetest couple, Ashley and Jeremy from We Are The Mitchells (go check them out!) couldn't have been easier to work with as they meticulously captured all of those special moments that happen during day. We love these two and we think you will too! Get to know a little bit about them from a rapid-fire Q&A they did with us! 

How did you two meet? 

We met in 2004 (!!) when Jeremy sold me car parts - SO romantic right?! We were both into cars and had the same type of car at the time (Honda s2000), and I bought car parts off of him for $600 and he installed them for me. We remained very casual friends for the next SIX YEARS before starting to date after a snowboarding trip with friends in 2008 and we never looked back!


When did you realize photography would be your career choice? 

Photography as a career choice was completely accidental for both of us! I loved photography in high school, but never considered it professionally. However, I shot my godsister’s wedding as a favor (NINE years ago today actually!). I was working in the JMU Graduate Office my last year of college putting together an online portfolio using some of those images when a lady that I worked with asked if I would be interested in shooting her daughter’s wedding the weekend after graduation. Being that it was 2009 and the job market was pretty bleak, I instantly agreed! I loved the experience and from there it just started snowballing with referrals - I did end up taking a full time job with another company for two years before going full time with photography in 2011. Jeremy was working full time elsewhere and decided to come along with me to a few weddings and he really fell in love with the video side of things and started pursuing that and thankfully was able to go full time in 2013! We joined our individual photo/video businesses together in 2015 and we’ve been rocking as a husband and wife team ever since! 


You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school, what is it about? 

Oh gosh, our speech would definitely be about living with a sense of adventure no matter where life takes you! We could never have imagined or planned for our life to be what it is today, but being open to opportunities and being willing to take risks has led us to a life that is wildly beyond anything we could have dreamed of! 


Most interesting place photography has taken you? 

We have been SO lucky to get to shoot all over the country and world thanks to our job - we have seen some of the most beautiful places, but one of the coolest was Nevis Island, a tiny island off of the coast of St. Kitts. It was an incredible week shooting the wedding and getting to explore a part of the world most people have never seen. We’ve also been to some incredibly fun places in the states like Paso Robles CA, Denver, Nashville, New Orleans,  Block Island and Sarasota - we’re the luckiest!


You're in the candy aisle, what do you grab? 

I (Ashley) goes for Raisinets, Jeremy goes straight for the sour patch kids! (Which is great, because now we get sweet AND chocolate!)


What do you consider to be your photography style? 

Our style is soft, romantic, playful and intimate!


Your favorite part of the wedding day is?

Ahhh I have so many favorites! I love the “just married” moment when the couple walks back up the aisle after being announced, and we love the small times we see the couple snuggling on each other when they think no one is looking. Those are our favorite moments to capture, especially on video!


Funniest wedding story to date? 

Earlier this year we had a bride FLY into her ceremony on a  flying DINGHY! It was the coolest thing ever! :) 


Check out some of their latest work shot here at Dover Hall Estate: