Christine & Ryan - May 22, 2016 - Dover Hall Estate - Richmond Wedding Venue

I don’t think there was a dry eye while watching Christine say her vows to Ryan. They were heartfelt, genuine and sincere and had everyone grabbing for tissues by the end. She couldn’t have looked more beautiful in her lace dress and vintage (2 generations!) veil. And Ryan is a sweetheart who couldn’t wait to marry the lady of his dreams. Once you meet them, you understand just how perfect they are for one another. Over the course of the day, they were often heard saying to each other “always and forever, no matter what”. There is a deep connection with these two and it warmed every heart that was in attendance. 

Once pronounced husband and wife, guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the sprawling estate while eating from an array of  imported artisanal cheese wedges with seasonal fruit & assorted flatbread crackers, sun dried tomato hummas and Virginia peanuts. Once cocktail hour ended, guest were welcomed into the ballroom by DJ Bill Gilliam who introduced the Ryan and Christine with the story of their journey from meeting each other to becoming engaged.

"A quick story about how we all ended up here to celebrate a marriage tonight.

Ryan and Christine met late one Saturday night at Virginia Wesleyan.  It seems our boy Ryan was returning from a date…a date that didn’t go so well.

Christine was exploring the campus and seeing what was going on.  There was a crowd talking to Ryan, but it seems Christine was the ONLY one who didn’t know who he was.  That didn’t last long!  She walked right up and said “Hi I’m Christine.”    They all hung out until late that night.  After that, they kept running into each other on campus, and pretty soon… were inseparable.  And since then, not a day has gone by that they were without each other.  Both realized pretty quickly that this was the real thing, and they were meant to be together….always and forever…no matter what.  It was… LOVE!

For 15 months a love and a friendship grew between them, and on Christmas day 2014, Ryan enacted a proposal plan…with the help of Christine’s family, of course.  They finished dinner, and were about to open gifts when Ryan said he had a “special one” for Christine.  He asked her to stand in the middle of her family while he was behind her… and Caraline was holding a present…a really BIG present. Christine thought something might pop out of it because she actually had to stand up and carefully open it while everyone watched on.

She opened the big box…and out popped another box surrounded by Thin Mints.  And then there was another box….surrounded by M&M’s.

She was pretty jacked up about all of the candy, but what was next??  Finally a little box…containing only a note…that simply said…turn around.  When she did…there was Ryan…on bended knee.  He said “Christine will you marry me?”  And of course she said…”YES!”  And suddenly a beautiful ring was on her finger.

Laughter, tears, hugs and a big cheer from the family followed, and they became the happiest engaged couple on the planet.

And here we all are after 16 months of excitement, planning and preparation to celebrate these 2 special people and their marriage today.  Stand up and join me in welcoming our guests of honor, the newlyweds…

Mr. & Mrs. Metz"

Venue: Dover Hall Estate

Florist: Flora Culture

Bakery: Candy Valley Cake Company

Photography: Brad Neff Photography 

Entertainment/DJ/MC: Bill Gilliam, Choice Entertainment